Personal Training in Toronto

Looking for the BEST possible personal training experience in Toronto? Here it is. Our personal trainers deliver REAL results that turn your “dream body” into a REALITY.
Personal Trainer Toronto
Personal Trainer Toronto

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Mark — the founder of MyQuest Health & Fitness and the Head Coach at our private personal training facility here in Toronto.

Are you tired of working out tirelessly, being sold cookie-cutter fitness programs, giving up the foods you love to eat, doing endless hours of machine cardio every single day, and training with inexperienced personal trainers without seeing any results? Yeah — me too.

With our fully-tailored custom approach to personal training, we have an expert team of personal trainers who care about our clients and actually get them RESULTS.

If you’re struggling with weight-loss or building muscle, or you just can’t seem to get in better shape, I know EXACTLY how you feel right now and how to make it right!

You want a personal training and nutrition program that A) doesn’t over-complicate things; and B) produces results that STICK — without spending hours in the gym, cutting out all of your favourite foods, and ruining your entire social life in the process.

Well… you’re in luck, my friend! Because that’s exactly what our personal training and online fitness coaching program is all about. 🙂

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A personal trainer’s role in your health and fitness journey is SO important for SO many reasons. But let’s look at the most impactful ways our personal training program can help you with your goals:

Personalized Training Program — Our personal training experts have the expertise to  build and tailor your training program to your exact needs and requirements. We also have the experience and knowledge base to adjust your program on the fly to accommodate your mood, fitness level, any previous injuries, and even your energy levels on any given training day.

Train Safely and Learn Good Form — Many beginners shy away from a training program simply because they don’t know what to do or they’re afraid of getting injured. A personal trainer can guide you through the early stages of your training and development, instilling good form, better training habits, and the confidence to have you train safely and decrease your risk for injury.

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Added Motivation and Accountability — Our personal training experts have harnessed the unique ability to be able to bring out the best in you, constantly keep you motivated, and hold you accountable in a tactful way when life gets in the way. You’ll always have someone in your corner who’s constantly rooting for you through the ups and downs of your fitness journey.

Maximize Your Time and Effort — If you are looking to maximize your results in the gym in as little time necessary, our personal training experts will show you the way. Too often people spend multiple hours in the gym multiple days per week, when instead they could be working with a personal trainer to produce the same results in less time.

Be Challenged and Get RESULTS — Are you bored of your current training program? Have your results plateaued? Do you want to take your body to the next level? Are you interested in competing in a specific sport or event? Our team of personal training experts can help you with all of the above and more.

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Unlock Your FULL Potential With Personal Training


of people FAIL to reach their goals because they don't have the right PLAN.


of our clients actually SUCCEED in hitting the weight goal they set out for.


is the amount of times you are more likely to SUCCEED with a MyQuest Trainer.
“I’m not sure whether or not I should work with a personal trainer?”

“Does Personal Training Make Sense for Me?”

  • Are you struggling to get in better shape on your own?
  • Do you perform workouts and get injured all of the time?
  • Have you tried everything but nothing seems to work?
  • Are you intimidated by the gym or your training program?
  • Has the needle on the scale stopped moving in your favour?
  • Does the thought of planning a gym workout drive you insane?
  • Do you lack motivation when it comes to physical activity?
  • Are you working out frequently and still not seeing results?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above

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Real Personal Training Results

We help seemingly ordinary people achieve some EXTRAORDINARY results!
What Makes Our Personal Training Program the Best One in Toronto?

Here Are Just A Few MAJOR Differences:

Your personal training program is personal • ized.

When you work 1-on-1 with a personal training expert at our Toronto training facility, the focus is 100% on YOU. You’ll receive a handcrafted training program built specifically for YOU that produces RESULTS. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been training for years, we’ll help you reach your fitness goals!

Flexible nutrition plans designed for real life.

If you love dessert, like most of us do, then you should absolutely have your cake and eat it too. Because — YES — it’s entirely possible to eat cake (among other things) and have an absolutely amazing physique. Instead of restricting you of all the foods you love, we’ll incorporate them into an otherwise healthy eating regimen. Why? Because flexible eating produces long-lasting results.

Flexible personal training built for busy schedules.

Look, we get it — you’re busy. And one of the biggest challenges in reaching your fitness goals is simply finding the time and energy get into a gym and train. After performing a comprehensive needs assessment, we build you a custom training program from the ground up so that it fits perfectly into your busy schedule.

Exercise smarter for better results and less injuries.

Training hard is one thing; training smart is another. We’ll teach you how to get a great workout safely and efficiently without putting yourself at risk for any pesky injuries. Train less and gain more with a personal training program that is tailored to your exact needs, matches your fitness level, and grows with you as your body gets stronger, leaner, and better.

Personal training experts who want you to win.

When you sign up for personal training at our Toronto gym location, you automatically become part of the family. You may think you’re just a client, but to us you’re so much more than that.  We’ll remember your birthday, your children’s names, and more, but most importantly, we’re there for you whenever you need us! A personal training expert is with you — quite literally — every step of the way, holding you accountable, keeping you motivated, and cheering you on to the finish line.

We’ll stop at nothing to help you reach your goals.

When you work with one of our personal training experts in Toronto, you want RESULTS and that’s exactly what we deliver! When you invest in us, we invest in your success. We will go above and beyond to make your health and fitness experience both highly educational and enjoyable, so that you can hold on to your results for YEARS to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions regarding our Personal Training Program in Toronto:

How much do personal training sessions cost?

Personal training sessions cost as little as $65 per month. Our base training rate (pay-as-you-go) is $100 per session. The more you train per week, the lower the rate. We’ve designed our package pricing to be affordable and also to incentivize an increase in weekly training frequency, since the more you train, the better your results will be. At the end of the day, you can pick the personal training package that best suits your needs! Want more information? Check out our personal training pricing. 👈

How often will I be training with a personal trainer?

That is entirely up to you! Most of our clients train with one of our personal training experts at our Toronto facility a minimum of 2–4x per week. The most important thing is that your personal training program fits into your schedule and matches your lifestyle. There’s no point in training 5x per week if it’s causing an imbalance in the rest of your life and taking you away from all of the other things that you love! We’ll help you decide which type of training frequency would work best with you during your free 1-on-1 personal training consultation.

How fast can I expect to see results?

Your body will literally begin to transform the very day you start your new program; however, your results certainly won’t show overnight. The average person will begin to see noticeable results in 4-6 week increments. Because you see yourself every day, these changes may often appear to be subtle to you; however, you’ll start noticing your friends, family, and coworkers asking questions like, “Have you been working out?” or “Are you on a new diet?”

If you’re looking for a quick fix to “obliterate fat cells and achieve lean abs within 30 days” then our personal training program probably isn’t the right fit for you. We’re sure there are other personal trainers out there that make these wild claims, but we’re also certain that absolutely NONE of those personal training programs will actually deliver those kinds of results. At MyQuest, we don’t sell you empty promises.

We usually enroll each of our clients into a minimum 3 to 6 month goal commitment to make sure that each and every one of them gives themselves adequate time and a fair chance to see major changes while they work towards their goals. The amount of time in which you’ll start seeing results varies from client to client. It is very much dependent upon your individual goals, your current lifestyle, and how much flexibility we allow within your customized program. These are all things we will discuss with you during your initial no-obligation 60-minute personal training consultation.

We’re heavily invested in your success and we want to help you in both the short-term and the long run. That means MAJOR results that not only show up in as little as 3–6 months, but also that last for a LIFETIME.

Finally, here’s one thing we can say with EXTREME confidence: If you follow your coach’s suggestions to the absolute best of your ability, you WILL obtain amazing results with MyQuest Coaching. And that is 100% guaranteed.

Fun Fact: More than 80% percent of our personal training clients in Toronto hit their target weight goal.

How long will I need personal training for?

The short answer is: as long as you’d like!

Some of our personal training clients work with us for only a set number of weeks or months based on a fully-customized training program that we build out for them according to their personal fitness goals. Other clients stay with us for years, simply because of the fact that a personal trainer makes working out easier, safer, and more fun! We don’t operate with any contracts and will never keep you tied down. Each and every single one of our personal trainers has one goal in mind: to help you reach your personal fitness goals!

How do I know if personal training is right for me?

Great question! And we actually wrote an entire article on this topic as to whether or not personal training is a good fit for you and how to decide on the right personal training expert for your needs! You can read that article by clicking here.

Do you also offer nutritional plans and advice?

We can if you’d like! Personal training, physical activity, and better nutrition go hand in hand; however, everything is not for everyone! We offer a fully-customized online coaching program in addition to our personal training services at our Toronto gym location which includes a fully-tailored nutrition plan, as well as ongoing nutrition counseling.

Why do we offer this as a separate service? Well, some of our clients already have lots of experience with healthy eating and are extremely motivated, therefore they don’t require any additional coaching. On the other hand, for clients who need extra assistance with their nutrition, goal setting, mindset training, and everything else in between, we have a coaching program add-on that bundles everything all together!

What is the initial consultation about?

The initial consultation or “discovery call”, as we like to call it, is an opportunity for us to better understand where it is you’re coming from and exactly what it is you want to achieve. It provides you with the chance to tell us more about yourself — your goals, your schedule, your lifestyle, your past experiences — and allows us both to decide if we make a great fit.

Ultimately, the more information we know about you, the better we can understand whether or not we’re the right ones to serve you! The consultation is also a great opportunity for you to learn more about the MyQuest Program and exactly how our personal training program in Toronto and online coaching programs work.

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Because yesterday you said tomorrow.